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= Featured Novel by John T. Cullen =

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The Generals of October is a political suspense thriller centered on two young Army officers who uncover a plot to seize power in the U.S. during a Constitutional Convention.

Written in the 1990s, the story is inspired by several 1960s era political paranoia classics including Seven Days in May, The Manchurian Candidate, The Parallax View, and Three Days of the Condor.

Set against an entertaining and thrilling background, this suspense novel by John T. Cullen logically works out what would happen if we had a Second Constitutional Convention (CON2) per Article V of the U.S. Constitution. The result would be the worst U.S. crisis since the Civil War. Promotional copy at the turn of the century trumpeted: "…right around the corner, as vivid as tomorrow’s scary headlines." Here we are, well into the 21st Century, and the headlines are scarier than ever imagined.

This is not some wild, imaginary tale. There is a ticking time bomb in the U.S. Constitution, called Article V, which one day soon will spawn a nightmare that has been more than two centuries in the making. The author chose not to write a nonfictional thesis, but to express his ideas in a rousing fictional tale you can enjoy…but be watchful for the predictive background as dangerous, dark forces run wild in our nation's capital.

Young Army officers David Gordon and Victoria ‘Tory’ Breen must unravel a conspiracy of the treasonous Hotel Generals, who plan to hijack the Second Constitutional Convention (CON2). David and Tory must bring together the forces of tradition and reason—and help restore the United States to order, liberty, and sanity under our original and true Constitution.

Cpt. David Gordon is on a military intelligence mission, under cover as an Inspector General officer. Lt. Tory Breen is Executive Officer of the most ultra-secret military computer operations unit in the nation’s capital. As prelude to a coup, her unit is highjacked by military extremists for a take-over of the United States, using CON2 as a Trojan Horse. One of her chief NCOs disappears—and may be brutally murdered by the extremist commandos of a long-dormant Government of Occupation reserve unit. Tory and David are sucked into the undercurrent of an investigation that leads to the coup plotters. The conspiracy bears the code name Operation Ivory Baton—and an image of Napoleon I, astride a horse, waving his imperial baton.

Such reserve units are real. They exist in a gray network of shadowy, little-known reserve units. They were originally intended for U.S. forces occupying conquered foreign nations, like Germany after Hitler, but now they are employed to help the military govern a post-Constitutional U.S.

Along the way, David and Tory fall in love. If their passionate but scattered wartime romance is to thrive, they must solve a terrible personal secret from her past life.

This is the first book (fiction or nonfiction) to really think through a lot of the major issues. The government will be crippled overnight as the Constitution is so weakened as to be constructively suspended. The delegates will have a form of diplomatic immunity, putting them above the law (which is based on the old, crippled Constitution), and run wild. And then there are the Generals of October, who restore order by forcing their own unbending, tyrannical document on a nation exhausted by civil war.

Several leading law school libraries have accepted this book for their reference collections--a rare honor for a work of fiction that hits home and is probably the most important thriller since Seven Days in May.


LIVE NOW: CON2: The Generals of October

A Political Thriller in the Tradition of Seven Days In May

The time for CON2 is rapidly approaching, given the current climate of incivility, partisan destructiveness, media bias, cynical politicians, crooked demagogues, and outlandish belief systems seizing the center and blocking compromise or reason. Recent decades have seen ever greater pressure to rewrite the Constitution, by extreme and partisan groups whose definition of democracy is one that normal people would not recognize. So far, they have fallen short of the majorities they need in the state legislatures—but that will change with back to back serial recessions, chaos, crime, poverty, and a faltering faith in what the Constition stands for.

The Generals of October is both a rousing, entertaining thriller, and a cautionary tale. The recipe for doom is right there, enshrined in the U.S. national contract. Can today’s shallow, self-interested politicians really do better than the Framing Fathers who created our fundamental national document during the (First) Constitutional Convention, in Philadelphia, during the long hot summer of 1787?

The author at the time was far more neutral on the political parties, but was moving in the direction of being a staunch progressive and Democrat. The author is not an advocate of conspiracy theories and other lunacies manipulated by the oligarchs to destroy democracy and return us to the darkest middle ages. Pleae read, and see for yourself.

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